Witness: Salman Khan wasn’t drunk as he didn’t smell of alcohol



In a breather to actor Salman Khan, a witness on May 20 informed a local court that it appeared to him that the actor was not drunk at the relevant time after his car had rammed into a shop in suburban Bandra in 2002, killing one person and injuring four others who were sleeping outside.

Francis Fernandes, a neighbour of Salman, who stays near the site of the mishap, told sessions judge D W Deshpande that he had gone to the spot after hearing shouts of people and saw the actor surrounded by a mob armed with sticks and stones.

Fernandes said he knew Salman since his childhood and stayed in the same area where the actor resided and also where the accident had taken place.

“Salman did not appear to be drunk as there was no smell of alcohol when I went near him. He looked normal and walked straight,” the witness said much to the relief of Salman, who was standing in the dock listening to the deposition.

The witness said that he took Salman to the direction of his house.

Salman then left for home in their car, the court was told.

After seeing the crowd armed with sticks and stones, I felt that Salman’s life was in danger.

Source: indianexpress.com

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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