Priyanka Chopra’s so hot, she doesn’t even need the Khans


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Her most recent film, Gunday, is one of the bigger earners of the year while her Mary Kom is being keenly awaited.

What is remarkable is that Priyanka continues to fly high despite being the only one among the major heroines who has not starred opposite a Khan for long; and has no new films with them on the anvil either.

The last film that she did with a Khan was Don 2 in which she was paired with Shahrukh Khan but this was more two-and-a-half years ago.

She has worked with many other actors, including superstars, rising megastars and newcomers; but there hasn’t been any outing with a Khan for long.

One wonders whether one would hear of an announcement that pits Priyanka opposite one of the top Khans in near future.

She explains: “I do films which come to me. I am fortunate that I have done some good films over the last few years. As for my co-actors, that has never been the reason for a film of mine doing well or not.” She does hold Khans in good regard though.

“I am very fortunate that I have worked a couple of them though. In fact, I did a film at the very beginning of my career with one of them. I would love to work with them again,” she says, “Having said that, I don’t think films are made because of casting; they are made from the heart.”


Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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