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Aamir Khan is known to be extremely close to his mother, Zeenat Hussain.

On Mother’s Day, we catch up with the actor and ask him about the special bond he shares with his mum, childhood memories and his relationship with his children.

What significance does Mother’s Day hold for you? Honestly, I am not quite sure about the significance of Mother’s Day.

My mother has been very important in my life, and not just on one particular day.

Since your father was a busy film-maker, what role did your mother play in shaping you as a person? My father was always very busy and I think in that generation, fathers were a little detached from their children.

What does your mother have to say about it? She has liked most of my work so far.

How is her equation with your wife? Does she give tips to Kiran Rao, especially with Azad around now? My mother has a very good relationship with both Reena and Kiran.

What was your mother’s parenting style? I won’t say that she has been a very strict mother but neither would I describe her as chilled out.

Is there anyone you have warm, motherly feelings towards? Well, I hope I am that way for all my kids, all the people I am close to – whether it’s Kiran, my brothers and sisters, or even my mother.

You took your mother for the Haj pilgrimage some time back.


Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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