Is “Gunday” the worst movie ever?



What’s the worst movie in history? “Battlefield Earth,” featuring John Travolta as a dreadlocked alien? “Troll 2,” a non-sequel featuring no trolls? “Ishtar,” the only movie for rent in Hell’s video store? Perhaps it’s “Gigli”, the movie that ruined Bennifer for all of us? According to voters on the Internet Movie Database, it’s none of the above.

With a dreadful weighted rating of 1.4 out of 10 based on more than 44,000 votes, a 2014 Bollywood movie called “Gunday” is by far the worst movie in the IMDb universe.

A pretty silly, over-the-top Bollywood action flick about gun couriers that features a love triangle and lots of comical misunderstandings typical to the genre, “Gunday” has somehow found its way to the bottom of the biggest movie database in the world.

Not a single qualified movie besides “Gunday” rates worse than 1.8.

In India, it’s the top-grossing February movie in Bollywood history.

“Gunday” offended a huge, sensitive, organized and social-media-savvy group of people who were encouraged to mobilize to protest the movie by giving it the lowest rating possible on IMDb.

In its first 11 minutes, the movie claims that India alone defeated Pakistan, and implies that an independent Bangladesh was simply a result of the fight.

Facebook groups were formed specifically to encourage irate Bangladeshis and others to down-vote the movie.

What’s left is a movie that’s been sentenced by an angry mob, and is unlikely to shed its apparent punishment any time soon.


Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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