Aishwarya’s Portrait of Motherhood


The preferential treatment gorgeous people often enjoy is a not so pretty fact of life. But when a beauty icon suddenly falls from their pedestal, the disrespect, vitriol, and spite they attract can be downright beastly.

Being one of India’s most revered and famous women hasn’t spared Aishwarya Rai Bachan from being lambasted for her post pregnancy figure.  It seems that after a long a fruitful career as a model, star, and beauty queen, Aish has decided to slow down a little and enjoy motherhood after birthing a baby girls last November.

However, many have been unkind to the 38-year old icon, and the media is jumping all over the story. Aishwarya, who carried the 1994 title of Miss World, is being accused of letting down fans, because she hasn’t shed her pregnancy weight quickly enough.

According to cinema professor Shohini Ghosh: “there is a glorification of motherhood in India and Indian cinema. But people are confused because they don’t know whether to glorify Aishwarya in her new motherhood role or lament that she no longer looks like a runway model.”

Judging by the cruel comments flooding the Internet, many “fans” are opting for the latter category. And with fans like that—who needs critics?

Mercifully, there are those who are lauding the star for putting her baby ahead of her career and keeping it real: “she is a real women looking after a baby,” read one comment. “We should be concerned for her health and happiness…”

Aishwarya has clearly stated that weight loss is not an immediate priority, which has fuelled speculation as to how she’ll appear at the upcoming Cannes Film festival. Nothing’s been said, but here’s an expectation that she’ll have magically morphed back into her radiant pre-pregnancy shape.

On the other hand, seeing Aish as a real woman could be an overdue reality check. And then, just maybe, women all over the world might feel a little more comfortable with their bodies.

It probably won’t happen. Resisting the whim and fancy of the masses is hard work. But here’s to hoping.


Author: NitaNaidoo

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