Agent Vinod Banned in Pakistan


Agent Vinod is a 2012 Indian Suspense/Thriller film directed by Sriram Raghavan. The movie borrows its name from the 1977 film and is produced by Saif Ali Khan and Dinesh Vijan.

The flick centers around a sort of Indian James Bond who disarms bombs, dodges bullets, and ultimately saves his country from nuclear disaster. However, one feat has proved too dificult for the headliner–gettting the movie aired in Pakistan.

Pakistan banned  Agent Vinod a few days before its scheduled release, and the critical portrayal of the country’s generals and spies is likely the reason. Military leaders are shown providing support for the Taliban in Afghanistan and scheming to set off a nuclear suitcase bomb in  India’s capital.

“It was our judgment that it should not be allowed to be screened,” the vice chairman of Pakistan’s Film Censor Board, Muhammad Ashraf Gondal, told The Associated Press on Monday. “It falls under the negative codes of our censor.”

He refused to provide further details.

Agent Vinod stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor as the leads. Prem Chopra, Ram Kapoor, Anshuman Singh, Shahbaz Khan, Gulshan Grover and Maryam Zakaria are also featured in supporting roles. The film features many exotic locales including, Morocco, Russia, Latvia, UK, and South Africa.

Although Agent Vinod follows a tried and true fromula for success, it falls short of brillant. Kunal Guha of Yahoo! rated the film 1 out of 5 stars, saying, “Let’s just say foreign locales, weapons to annihilate the world, designer suits and not-so-excruciating interrogations don’t cumulatively justify Agent Vinod as a thrilling movie-watching experience. Aniruddha Guha of Daily News and Analysis rated the film 2 out of 5 stars, saying, “Agent Vinod is not campy enough to be fun, not intelligent enough to be taken seriously, and not entertaining enough to override the first two points.

Even audiences have pined about the film, citing the plot as “mithered” and “difficult to follow.” As far as spy stories go, it seems Vinod should remain a secret

Author: NitaNaidoo

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