When Celebrities Attack: Salman Accused of Assault


It seems the long arm of the law is about to come down hard on Bollywood bigwig Salman Khan. Last Tuesday assault charges were reportedly laid against the mega star, his bodyguard, and five unnamed individuals for assaulting a social activist while promoting a movie last August in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district.

Celebrity outbursts are typically more entertaining than newsworthy, and, like Hollywood, Bollywood has its fair share of celebrities with big egos and short fuses. Sometimes the attacks seem justified. Certain members of the paparazzi are notorious for their inflammatory techniques, which can range from hurtling verbal abuse to spitting—anything to capture the crazed looks that justify outlandish headlines and moves papers.

On the other hand, certain celebrities are known for repeatedly displaying outlandish and egregious behaviour. Unfortunately, Salman Khan seemingly falls into this category.

The star has been the subject of several controversies, including certain legal troubles, which include poaching an endangered species, negligent driving, and harassing ex-girlfriends, which include actress Ashwariya Rai.

During this latest encounter, the FIR (First Information Report) was lodged by a local court. According to the victim, Khan’s bodyguard, Shera, and other security personnel roughed him up when he tried to present the Bollywood actor with a cap and speak to him about his cause.

Police Inspector Bhupendra Singh Rathi told reporters “The FIR has been registered under various sections of Indian Penal Code including 147 (rioting), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace).

Stars understandably need to be cautious about their safety when surrounded by thousands of fans. Trying to punch through a throng of bodyguards to reach someone famous isn’t a bright idea. On the other hand, celebrity status doesn’t justify assault. Hopefully, Salman and co. will handle the situation better next time round.

Salman has starred in more than 80 Hindi films. He’s an active philanthropist and was voted the seventh best-looking man in the world and the best looking man in India by People magazine, US in 2004.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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