Wedding Bells for John Abraham


Back in spring, Bollywood’s it couple John Abraham and Bipasha Basu called it quits after dating for almost 10 years. It was one of the messier celebrity splits with accusations and hurt feelings all round. Now it seems the mourning period is over for John Abraham who recently told media, “ there is someone special in my life.”

Whether you follow Bollywood, Hollywood, or both, there’s no denying celebrities garner almost as much attention for their floundering relationships as their fabulous status. Although it’s evident that John and Bipasha’s 10-year relationship was more than a hormone-induced tryst, it seems their commitment could not endure the celebrity lifestyle.

Celebrity couples face the same challenges as everyone else, but their public lifestyle seems to magnify compatibility problems. They spend significant amounts of time apart, they’re constantly followed and scrutinized, and they have little privacy. For John and Bipasha, matters came to a head when Bipasha wanted to commit, but John wasn’t ready.

It’s a fairly common scenario, and probably one that nearly every couple faces at some stage of their relationship. But while most of couples just have to answer to nosy parents and perhaps a gossipy aunt, celebrities face a media frenzy that ultimately leaves little opportunity for negotiation or reconciliation.

All the same, if 72 days is all it takes for love to die then it probably wasn’t very substantial in the first place—sorry, Kimmy.

Speculations about John’s love-life have been rife ever since the break-up, and while the Bollywood He-Man does admit to a few hook-ups, there’s been nothing noteworthy until now. John’s been sighted about town numerous times with a mystery woman now identified as Priya Marwah—an investment banker.

The rumour mill is buzzing that the duo are engaged. According to the Times of India, sources reveal that John is seriously contemplating marriage, and wedding bells may ring for the actor as early as 2012.

Additionally, it seems John has learned his lesson when it comes to celebrity dating. He’s keeping his personal life to himself and has revealed very little about his new squeeze, apart from confirming her existence.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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