Nothing Wrong With a Little Nip and Tuck Says Esha Deol


The rumour mills have been working over time since Esha Deol returned from her mysterious hiatus. From checking into rehab to undergoing surgery for a plumper pout, speculation has been running rampant. However, the starlet seems unfazed by this media storm.

“These days I’ve become thick-skinned when it comes to gossip,” Esha says in The Times of India.  “”I’m not answerable to anybody except my parents. They know I wasn’t in rehab or getting some surgery done when I was abroad, so why should I bother about these rumours at all?”

However, Esha has some very definite opinions when it comes to going under the knife. According to Esha, stars are warming to the idea of plastic surgery in Bollywood.  “We’re all in an industry where looks matter, so if anyone’s getting a surgery done to look better, I think it’s perfectly all right!”

While everyone’s seen the results of stars who go to far, such Heidi Montag’s real life metamorphosis into Malibu Barbie, many people feel there is no harm in undergoing a minor procedure that will make them more confident and happier.  Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice.

When asked if surgery is something Esha might consider in the future, the star candidly replied: “Yeah, when I am old and need to get rid of some wrinkles here and there, I’ll get a facelift done! And what’s more, I’ll be forthcoming about it.”

Author: NitaNaidoo

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