Hooray for Bollywood


India’s hot, according to Paris Hilton. While in Mumbai promoting her new line of handbags, the hotel heiress and reality TV star told a press conference she had been approached for a couple Bollywood roles according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No longer simply the land of outsourcing, medical tourism, and call centres, Hollywood’s elite (and would bes) are now in hot pursuit of this huge emerging market.

Paris said: “I have been approached earlier to do Bollywood films and if I get a good script, who knows I may just do a film; Bollywood films are so colourful.”

In April this year, Lady Gaga released an Indian remix of Born this Way to “show all the little monsters in India that I appreciate you,” wrote Mother Monster on her Twitter page. Mick Jaggar recently collaborated Indian film composer and record producer A.R. Rahman for a fusion number with his new band SuperHeavy. Even Akon recently stated he’d like a shot as a Bollywood actor.

Unsurprisingly, this new obsession seems to be fueled by good business sense. Bollywood has experienced a marked growth in revenue in North America and is hugely popular in cities with large South Asian communities like Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and New York.

Yash Raj Films, one of India’s largest production houses and distributors, reported that Bollywood films in North America earn around $100 million a year through theater screenings, video sales, and the sale of movie soundtracks. In other words, films from India do more business in North America than films from any other non-English speaking country.

Even the almighty Google is jumping on to the bandwagon, announcing last Monday (Sept 27) that it had joined up Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s production company, Red Chillies Entertainment, to promote his upcoming sci-fi flick Ra.One.

Will Hollywood’s obsession with Bollywood continue to surge? As long as there’s money to be made, the answer is  yes. The forerunners have started to stampede. Interestingly enough, Ms. Hilton’s presence with these titans seems indicative once again that there’s nothing smarter than a dumb blond.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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