Bodyguard Strong-Arms the Bollywood Box Office


Salaman’s latest flick Bodyguard is getting  mixed reviews from critics, but that hasn’t stopped it from strong-arming the Bollywood box office.

The film has shattered past box-office records, earning over 85 crore ($19 million) in just 5 days and propelling Salman to the top of the superstar food chain.

The plot centres on Lovely Singh (Salman), a punctual perfectionist who is married to his career as (you guessed it) a bodyguard! Salman receives an assignment to watch over Divya (Kareena Kappor), the daughter of a rich businessman. Unfortunately for Lovely, Divya is eager to experience the freedom of college life and determined to dodge her watchdog through a series of elaborate and outlandish stunts.

Despite naysayers, fans are flocking to the theatres. Salman was recently voted “perfect father figure” in a survey by online matrimony portal Ironically, Salman, (to the best of our knowledge) doesn’t have any children, but it’s interesting commentary about how people tend to re-create movie stars.

Bodyguard has gone on to become the highest opening day grosser as well as the biggest grosser ever for a single day breaking the records earlier held by Dabangg, another Salman flick. The total box office earnings are estimated to exceed 115 crore (about $25 million dollars).

It’s good news for Salman who’s been in the US dealing with some health issues. He recently revealed that he was diagnosed with a very painful nerve condition known as trigeminal neuralgia. During a recent interview on RJ1200 (Vancouver’s Bollywood Station) with Shushma Datt, he revealed his personal struggles and assured fans he was fine.

When Shushma asked Salman about the fact that his movie was being panned, Salman acknowledged that he made “masala films,” which may be compared to blockbusters like the Transformers sequels or GI Joe—which perform astoundingly well, although this typically has little to do with the plot.

Millions of fans around the world wish Salman a speedy recovery so he can resume what he does best—keeping audiences happy with rip roaring, car racing, and bad-guy chasing entertainment.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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