Stars Weigh-in on India’s Independence


Turbulent and endearing, India’s story is almost as old as civilization itself.  Through war and conquest over thousands of years, the country has changed and evolved—but it has always persevered.

Recently India’s were asked to weigh in on India’s independence. Read on to learn what they had to say:

Farah Khan: “I think this Independence Day, we should all strive to be more tolerant. I think we are all fed up of things being banned. Independence means freedom of thought and freedom of speech and as long as something isn’t illegal, I don’t see the reason why people should object to it. Besides, if you don’t agree with something that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t have the right to express the same. And this goes to our censors also, and I think now my next film is going to be in trouble now.”

Punit Malhotra: “I think that a lot of freedom fighters worked really hard to gain independence for us today, and I think that we should try to respect everything that it is to us and work towards it, rather than what some of our politicians are doing with it. I think we all need to pull up our socks and take heed.”

Sonal Chauhan: “Wishing every Indian a happy Independence Day. Let this day be remembered for the sacrifices made, the hard work and commitment put into making this country what it is. ”

Adah Sharma: “Exercise your free will; you are liberated by your own choices. Along with freedom comes potent power. So may we all make the right choices for our country and ourselves.

Puja Gupta: “Independence means thinking as big as we can dare, making our own decisions and taking responsibility for the outcome…and of course my mother’s birthday is on the same day, so glad it’s a holiday!”

Prem Soni: “I wish our Indians all over the globe a happy Independence Day and do hope from the bottom of my heart that soon we will be a corruption free India. I do feel this day is the most humbling day in each and every Indian’s life. Proud to be Indian.”

Amrita Rao: “Young India is progressively impatient. We are not happy with promises, we want to see action. Corruption has become the biggest spanner in our path of success…our brave forefathers came to the roads to fight for freedom from foreign rule…now the fight is against corruption that has stained our very own democratic system. Victory against curbing corruption would be the day we would truly celebrate India’s Independence Day. Jai Hind.”

Sujoy Ghosh: “Independence is basically freeing your mind, it’s like a mind set. We need to accept certain things at the end of the day. Though I may not know the local situation in various places, but I think that though at times things are politically motivated. But I do not consider myself that highly educated to make decisions. Yet I can say that for me Independence is hearing both sides of the story and then making an intelligent decision.”

Mrinalini Sharma: “Let this Independence Day define independence for you as individuals with free minds being capable of deciding things for yourself and taking a stand against things that are wrong for your country and to stand for what is right.”

Kunaal Roy Kapur: “First of all, happy Independence Day to all Indians. What I would like to say is that lets make this day special and open our minds independently towards being a global citizen rather than being limited to just one nationality.”

Vaishali Desai: “I feel that we are independent for a long time now, but yet when we need to express out our thoughts. Though we are a democratic country sometimes there is a lack of freedom of speech, hence I think that the generation of today needs to do a little bit more for the country and stop living just for themselves.”

Why not add your voice to this list? Tell us what India’s Independence Day means to you.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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