Abhay Deol Stalked…Again


Apparently you can be too good-looking and charismatic as Abhay Deol discovered…again.

The actor was recently paid an unexpected visit by a female admirer who hid at his doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. When Abhay returned home, she pleaded with him to marry her.

Although the star struck fan was determined, Abhay reportedly kept his cool and persuaded her to leave by agreeing to pose for a photo with her.

While this kind of behaviour isn’t exactly new to stars—either in Bollywood or Hollywood, Abhay does seem to be attracting more than his fair share.

Rapchik Rahni reported that in 2009 a fan followed Abhay all the way from Juhu to Colaba. The actor was supposed to flag off a march for International Disabled Day. During the car trip, the fan kept pace on a motorcycle, pausing at every traffic light to snap pictures.

Abhay was once again chose to be a nice guy and obliged the motorcycle maniac with a few shots before there was a serious traffic accident. Abhay also reportedly advised the fan to be more careful while driving.

The most outrageous account comes from 2007 when it was reported that another man harassed Abhay at a restaurant. Reportedly, Abhay retreated to a quiet corner to take a call when a rich looking, older man suddenly left his seat and went and stood inappropriately close to the actor. A few patrons even insist that Abhi received a cheeky pinch but pretended not to notice.

Abhay has appeared in films such as Dev.D and Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!. He is the nephew of Bollywood actor Dharmendra, and the cousin of Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol.

Although Abhay is currently dating British model and beauty queen Preeti Desai, the couple has been very low key about their relationship.


Author: NitaNaidoo

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