Bollywood Embraces Blair Witch Style Horror With Ragini


Horror is a genre generally left alone by Bollywood. While the film industry in countries such as Japan and Korea have exploited a very successful niche that has respectively become known as J-horror and K-horror, India has typically used the supernatural aspect to add a new dimension to the typical Bollywood love story. However, it seems iRock Productions is ready to go mainstream with their new horror production Ragini MMS.

Ragini is the gripping tale of a couple, Uday and Rajini, who plan a secluded escape to a romantic forest bungalow. Unfortunately for Rajini, Uday is planning to secretly create a scandalous sex tape to bolster his failing acting career.

The trip quickly turns into a nightmare with numerous supernatural occurrences. A series of events leads the couple to discover that their bungalow was once home to a woman accused of witchcraft and murdered by her family. Unfortunately, the woman’s vengeful spirit returned to take revenge, gruesomely executing her murderers one by one.

The film was recorded with a hand-held camera, and the jarring, bouncing motion enhances the panic and super natural aspect, mimicking the technique made popular in Western culture by The Blair Witch Project.

Film producer Ekta Kapoor has already profited from this supernatural thriller, which highlights some of Director Pawan’s best work.

Audiences are elated to enter the spooky home where lights flicker and shadows flutter, even when no one is moving. For viewers seeking a titillating experience or simply and excuse to cuddle their dates, this film is box office gold.

While there are a few mechanical flaws, such as unnecessarily loud noises to frighten the viewer and jarring cuts, the film is generally being met with audience approval, particularly for the sound performances given by Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala.

Ragini MMS has all the ingredients required for a frighteningly good time. This is a must-see for horror fans, but don’t forget a sweater to hide the goosebumps.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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