Salman and Katrina Star in New Release from YRJ


Salman’s new film, Ek Tha Tiger, under Yash Raj Films (YRJ) has just released to a warm critical reception. This is the actor’s first work with YRJ, although Salman was previously offered a role in Chak De India, he reportedly declined when YRJ failed to meet his price. Instead the role went to Salman’s professional rival, Shahrukh Khan.

Salman seems pretty happy with his new relationship with Yash Raj, telling reporters “in the past, we I have met a few times on various projects. When the studio came to me with this particular story, I just knew this was the one. It is a very ambitious project and will challenge everyone. But that’s exactly what makes it a draw.”

Ek Tha Tiger also stars Katrina Kaif as the female lead and love interest. After Salman’s embarrassing and highly publicized break-up with Katrina Kaif, audiences were no doubt how the duo would fare together in this romantic thriller, but initial screenings have revealed sizzling chemistry.

Salman has noted his family connection with YRJ, stating he is glad to be continuing his family legacy with the studio, “I’m honored to be working with Yashji, who has worked so closely with my dad in the past.”

The relationship seems to be positive all round as Yash Raj is full of praise for the star: “everyone knows my association with Salim Saab, having worked together on Deewaar, Trishul, and Kaala Patthar. It is a very happy moment for us to have his son Salman with us for the first time. Over the years, Salman has become a very mature and talented actor. Both he and Katrina have tremendous impact on their audiences. “

No doubt pairing up this controversial ex-couple also impacted the film’s publicity and played a role in the casting choice. The fact that Salman and Katrina pulled it off is a terrific testimonial of their professionalism and acting ability.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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