Abuse Allegations Against Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt


Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has brought fame and distinction to many actors, is now making headlines for a different reason. Allegations by Pakistani actor Meera accuse Bhatt of abusive behaviour.

The Pakistani film actress and model last appeared in one of Bhatt’s films several years ago before taking a mysterious hiatus. Recently the actress has broken her silence about departing from Bollywood, “logon ne bahut kuch likha is bare mein, aur kaha bhi, but main ab chup nahin rahoongi. Aaj main sach bolna chahti hun (many things have been said and written about me, but I am not going to keep quiet any longer. I want to tell the truth today).”

Meera claims her career’s abrupt end was a direct result of Bhatt telling her to leave India. Meera believes Bhatt was jealous of her budding stardom, stating that he only wanted her to work under his label. She claims that when she expressed a desire to meet director-producer Subhash Ghai, Bhatt attacked her, slapping her three times. “Jab maine Maheshji ko kaha, toh woh bahut furious hue aur mujh par bahut chillaye, aur unhone mujhe do teen thappad bhi mare (when I told him I wanted to meet Subhash Ghai, he shouted at me and even slapped me three times).”

Bhatt has responded by dismissing the allegations, claiming Meera is a disturbed individual, badly in need of parental guidance. “I have slapped her? First of all, Meera is a unique phenomenon. She is a South Asian treasure. She is bizarre and innocent at the same time; she is smart and then completely childlike, so you cannot feel outraged by her utterances. What Meera needs more than anything at the moment is parental guidance to rescue her from herself.”

Meera’s life, which includes a controversial kiss, fake marriages, and plenty of defamation allegations, has nearly as many plot twists and turns as her films. Hopefully the truth will vindicate the innocent, but outrageous lifestyles and flaring tempers seem to be a popular side effect of both the Hollywood and Bollywood crowd.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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