Salman Goes Stealth in Mumbai Crowd


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently managed to shoot a sequence for his upcoming film Bodyguard in the middle of Mumbai while remaining completely incognito.

The scene, which was recorded in south Mumbai last week, required Salman to walk behind a woman and then disappear into the crowd. The production crew had previously installed hidden cameras on nearby buildings, cleverly sidestepping the attention generated by handheld cameras and other recording equipment.

According to a set source, “the scene was recorded in the afternoon, during office hours. It consisted of Salman walking through the crowd. When he got the thumbs up from the director, Salman just got into his car and drove away. No one even noticed it was him.”

Salman enjoys elite status as one of India’s superstars. “The sight of the actor is often enough to induce hysteria, and the entire crew was nervous about the shoot, especially since there was no security. However, Salman was confident nothing would go wrong. It was an unthinkable stunt for a star of his caliber, but Salman has a knack for surprises.”

For those unfamiliar with the film, Bodyguard is a remake of Siddique’s Malayalam romantic comedy film of the same name. Salmans’s actions indicate he has a natural aptitude for risk management. Will this trait lend itself to a natural performance that leads to a box-office hit? Time will tell.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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