Loyalty Causes Salman to Reject Rs. 7 Crores Deal


Salman Khan will be starring in the upcoming remake of the Southern super-hit Bodyguard. Initial response to the movie looks promising, proving yet again that Salman is one of India’s greatest super stars.

In the film Salman Khan plays the role of a bodyguard named Sallu. To research the role, Salman studied the last two matches of the cricket world cup even though he’s admitted he’s not a big fan of the sport. There were lots of VIPs in the stadium, and Salman wanted to observe how the bodyguards manage their charges in these highly charged, tightly packed situations.

As soon it leaked that Salman would be wearing a uniform, security agencies from across India began contacting the actor about wearing their uniform in the movie as a means of publicity. Offers encouraging the actor to sport a specific uniform went as high as Rs. 7 Crore (about $1.5 million), but Salman rejected the offers, choosing instead to feature the uniform worn by personal security service Shera Security Agency.

Bodyguard producer Atul Agnihotri said, “we have been getting calls from various security agencies from the day we announced the film. However, Salman bhai is absolutely clear that he won’t wear any agency’s uniform. Salman is close to his personal bodyguards and has opted to use the name Shera name as his tag.”

With the movie set for release on Eid 2011, it looks like Bodyguard is going to be a box office and PR hit for Salman.

Author: NitaNaidoo

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