Three’s a Crowd: Ranbir & Katrina Call It Quits


It’s confirmed that Ranbir and Katrina have closed the book on their storybook romance. Just a few days back, these media darlings were reportedly seen canoodling around town. However the insecurity and loyalty issues that seem to run rife among the rich and famous have caused  the couple has called it quits.

Katina allegedly went ballistic when Ranbir was sited with Nargis, the Kingfisher calendar model.  Ranbir’s friends later cited the star felt smothered in his relationship.

A source close to the couple said: “it wasn’t a surprise to anyone. They have been arguing and fighting for over a month. Every time Ranbir was seen anywhere near Nargis, there was an episode. There were also times when Ranbir wouldn’t answer Katrina’s calls. Although Ranbir said he was only meeting with Nargis to discuss work, Katrina felt he was avoiding her.”

Another bone of contention for Katrina was that Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend, Deepika Padukone, had repeatedly expressed interest in acting with him. Kat was reportedly a mess when she learned Deepika might be starring Ayan Mukherji’s next film with Ranbir. According to sources: “even though Ranbir and Deepika were over each other, Katrina wasn’t pleased with the idea they would be acting together. She even spoke to Ayan who said no one had been finalised for the role yet.”

The subject of Ranbir Kapoor’s love life has become a frequent source of scandal. Recently the self-confessed romantic made numerous  headlines after admitting to multiple affairs on a popular talk show.

Looks like switch-hitting is becoming second nature to Ranbir, which is no doubt why Kat called it quits. Is Nargis his true ladylove or just another stop on a long train-wreck of relationships? Bets, anyone?

Author: NitaNaidoo

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