SRK Antognizes DiCaprio in Hollywood Flick Xtreme City


Xtreme City is a new cross-cultural Hollywood thriller. What’s the big deal about this Tinseltown flick? Well, Bollywood’s own SRK has been cast in a pivotal role in the movie.

This motion picture also features Hollywood hottie Leonardo diCaprio in the lead role. Shah Rukh plays the role of a seedy underworld gangster while Di Caprio plays his foil as a New York cop. Dialogue will be in both Hindi and English.

Recently Khan stated, “Leonardo, Martin, and I spent some time together. Martin was gracious enough to remember he had met me in Cannes way back in 2002 when I was there for Devdas. He wants to watch Devdas, and I’ve promised to send it to him.”

Xtreme City is a new venture by renowned American filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who will be co-producing the film with David Weisman. Biographer and screenplay writer Mushtaq Sheikh created the script with the help of Hollywood writer-director Paul Schrader, who also directs the movie. Scrader is best known for adapting Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

“Xtreme City is not in any way a traditional gangster movie,” says Sheikh. “It’s a film where characters are balanced human beings. The story acknowledges their full complexity without either culture being diminished or stereotyped. It’s a cross-cultural thriller directed at both Bollywood and Hollywood. And if we get it right, this will be an attempt at true global entertainment”.

The action-thriller reportedly tells the story of underworld crime in Mumbai. According to Schrader, “Xtrme City is a cross-cultural entertainment that merges the cinematic traditions of Bollywood and Hollywood. I am excited to make a film which is accessible and meaningful to both Indian and American cultures.”

Author: NitaNaidoo

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