India’s Babyface not so innocent!


Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor is often portrayed as an innocent, fun-loving individual in most of his films. Furthermore, he is often described as the perfect son to his famous parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. But soft spoken Kapoor reveals that he is actually a bit of a playboy with the ladies.

On Karan Johar’s famous show Koffee with Karan Ranbir Kapoor revealed that he used some pretty spineless techniques to fool his girlfriends into thinking that he was a one-woman-man. Ji Haan! Ranbir Kapoor often stored his girlfriends’ numbers as BATTERY LOW, so that if he was out with one girl and in the event another calls he would not be suspected of cheating. Furthermore, he also admitted to storing some of his female “acquaintances” under male names so that he would not be caught for having multiple girlfriends.

This is leading many to speculate that Deepika Padukone left the sly Kapoor on the basis of his infidelity. And naturally all of Bollywood is wondering who the other “girl” or “girls” were! Could it be that Ranbir Kapoor has had some steamy affairs with other A-list actresses?

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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