Rakhi Sawant kills a man


Yes this time we mean it, the Bollywood train wreck is being blamed for the death of a young man from UP. Rakhi Sawant is very good at making headlines for one reason or another, however this time the situation may have spiralled out of control.

On the reality show “Rakhi Ka Insaaf” where Rakhi solves disputes without any legal intervention, a young couple appeared on an episode just months after their marriage. Luxman Prasad and wife Vineeta appeared on the show in hopes of resolving a marital issue. During the taping Rakhi used words such as “namard and napunsak (meaning impotent)” to describe Luxman when solving the dispute. After the episode was aired, Luxman was tormented by his neighbours/friends and ultimately plunged into deep depression as a result.

Days before Prasad’s death, he became ill because he was not eating or drinking anything. In fact he locked himself in his house due to the humiliation he was facing as a result from the reality show.

One cannot hold Rakhi directly responsible for the incident as the producers and directors should also be held accountable for airing such garbage. However, it is safe to say that dropping to such lengths is simply not worth the aftermath that has resulted!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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