Kites: Gets caught in the power lines


The much awaited movie Kites is not soaring to the heights that many critics and audiences thought at first. The producers of this movie, however, are not too shaken by the reviews as the box office numbers are quite impressive and have grossed to approx 62 crores during the opening weekend alone.

However despite the financial success reaped from the movie actor Hrithik Roshan is furious at the critiques that have been produced. Many are box office reviews are saying that the film lacks any real plot and the international cast is not really adding to the film.

Hrithik reportedly looks stunning in the film and does arouse the audiences with his golden tan and sexy dance moves, however his acting (the sole reason for his existence) was lacking. Deborah Mori also disappointed crowds with her performance. Kangana Ranaut, although a part of the cast had very little presence in the movie and the directors did not do her acting talent justice.

The film, however, did have brilliant cinematography and showed some of the most beautiful skylines in America. The movie also showcased beautiful outfits worn by the entire cast and also had some hot sensual moments sprinkled throughout the film.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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