A dash of this and a dash of that …


With the emerging interest from the West, Bollywood is finding itself in an interesting place. Many producers and directors in the Indian film industry recognize that North America is an extremely lucrative market for them to penetrate .. but at what cost?

Many movie-goers take in Bollywood films for their overdramatized scenes and catchy dance numbers, however Hollywood isn’t biting. The most recent example of this is the Kites film release. Director Rakesh Roshan teamed up with Rush Hour’s producer Brett Ratner to adjust his film so that it is more appealing to North American audiences. As one would assume, Ratner suggested that he music should be changes, the film should be shorter and the dance sequences should be left to a minimum.

Rakesh did just that … he cut out dance scenes that his son, Hithrik, put hours into so make the film more Hollywood. Finally, when director Rakesh Roshan decided to cut a scene that appeared to racy Ratner intervened advising that the scene was simply too “hot” to be cut.

And so two weeks before the North American release, Kites will definitely bring something new to the screen. However, the worry is will the combination of Holly and Bolly be too much of a compromise leading to a flick that fails to appeal to any audience?

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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