Ranbir Kapoor is a home wrecker!


His boyish good looks and Indian charm has caused his career to sky-rocket, if you haven’t guessed already we are talking about Ranbir Kapoor. He has been having the same effect on Bollywood actresses all over Mumbai, having rumoured affairs with a-lister actresses. The most recent rumour that has been erupting is his close close friendship with none other than Bipasha Basu.

The two have been growing quite close to one another as they have begun working on a film recently. The two entered a nightspot in Mumbai a few days ago with director Siddarth Anand and wife Mamta, but upon entering both Ranbir and Bipasha went to a cozy corner to spend some quality time with one another. When Bipasha was asked about this she was quoted saying “Yes, Ranbir and I do go to the nightspot you mentioned. Is there any problem with that?”

Yes we agree there isn’t any grave danger other than the fact that if this ever bothered Basu’s current boyfriend John, Ranbir would be beaten to a pulp!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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