Akshay has a run in with a Canadian Mounty!


Akshay Kumar who is currently shooting his film in Canada is stirring up controversy. We know that Mr. Kumar likes to live life on the edge by taking part in risky stunts and high speed chases. Well, during the shooting of the film “Thank You”, B-town star Akshay Kumar had a run-in with a RCMP officer after he bumped into the mounty’s cop car during a stunt he was doing for the movie.

Akshay tried to convince the officer that he was taking part in a stunt, however he was not buying it. The director of “Thank You” also came to the scene to defend Mr. Kumar but that was not good enough as the officer proceeded to write Akshay a ticket. Anees Bazmee jokes that this is the first ticket Mr. Kumar has received and it was not even his fault.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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