Leicester Square leaves John in despair!


“The first Bollywood actor to almost shoot in Leicester Square,” is probably not a title that John Abraham would like but reality hurts! The shooting for a song sequence in John’s upcoming film by Abbas Tyrewalawas set at Leicester Square located in London. It would the be the first time for a Bollywood actor have access to the coveted location. However, before John Abraham could get too excited Russell Crowe had rained on his parade.

Crowe decided to have his red carpet premiere for <em> Robin Hood</em> May 14th which put a damper on plans. Director Abbas even vowed that the crew would be out of the location far before the premiere night, however the authorities would not budge.

The song was a key part of Abbas’s film and now that they are no longer able to shoot there they must scramble to find an alternate location. As for Bollywood, many of the cast and crew have decided not to support <em> Robin Hood </em>.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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