Too short for India, too long for America!


Bollywood has been known to put out films that are marathons in length in comparison to the average Hollywood flick. This has always been a non issue in the past as the two worlds of Hollywood and Bollywood never did collide. However, as of recent the west has begun to take a keen interest in Indian cinematography. This is positive for the most part, but many directors have had to make changes to their own work in order to adjust to the specifications and expectations of their peers in North America.

Change is good, however the one currently being made to films is causing editors and directors to scrap hours and hours of their hard work. <em>My Name is Khan</em> a film that will be released to mainstream audiences in the near future is being cut down in length by 35 minutes to make it more appealing.

One would argue that the length of a Bollywood flick is what makes that film unique to the Indian film industry; the act of shortening a movie  is simply causing for the industry to succumb to expectations which sacrifice the novelty of the film. Audiences looking to watch Bollywood flicks expect to be entertained for hours … aren’t they?

We would like to know whether you agree of disagree with this notion, tell us what you think?

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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