The question is…Aamir, SRK or Sallubhai?


It is no secret the Khan’s of Bollywood have taken over the film industry but the question is who has won over the hearts of fans. Aamir, SRK and Salman have all done exceptional jobs marketing their film releases late last year and early this year but the question is who has left a permanent impact?

Aamir did his <em>Three Idiots</em> campaign and managed to sway audiences his way during the month of December. Then Shahrukh came along and stole a bit of Aamir’s thunder with his <em>My Name is Khan</em> release during February . And finally, Salman Khan did his <em>Veer</em> promotions with style and a tight shirt.

Okay so naturally the deciding factor has got to be how social they are using social-media! Aamir was a pioneer in Bollywood with his daily blog, however SRK took Bollyworld by storm with his persistent twitter updates. But the man who takes the cake is Sallubhai with his Twitter subscription that was  kicked off a mere 2 days ago. The man has had over 33,000 followers on his account so far, that is a far better track record then his fellow Khan, SRK.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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