Feeding stalkers: It’s the new fad!


Last year Katrina Kaif had been stalked by a young fan of hers who found out where she resided and also showed up to one of her premieres. Kareena Kapoor is now facing somewhat of a similar situation as she has found herself being followed by a young man. Although it seems as though Kareena’s stalker is a lot more committed in that he has spent the last three days outside her home waiting to catch a glimpse of the star.

He went on to tell one of the many staff at her house that he would not eat until he has the chance to meet the star. Having heard this news, Kareena Kapoor took it upon herself to feed the determined stalker.

Now the only problem with this scenario is it may urge other fans to become stalkers so that they too can get the one on one attention the young man received from Katrina.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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