Stunt doubles competing against their Bollywood beauties


There is a newly arising trend amongst leading ladies wanting to perform their own daring stunts during film production. Jumping off of motorbikes and taking daring leaps off of moving objects used to be the work of those brave soldiers that applied as stunt doubles for the fragile leading ladies.

The new breed of Bollywood heroines come equipped with daredevil like qualities. Stunt doubles are taking a back seat and learning from the new age of leading ladies, and as of recent this is becoming more more apparent.

During the shooting of <em>Lafange Parindey </em> Deepika Padukone was adamant about performing her own stunts and that is exactly what she did. Many individuals from the crew expressed their concern with having Deepika perform a stunt in which she was required to jump into a deep muddy pit off of a moving motorcycle. She insisted that it would be safe enough for her to perform and with her swimming training she could hold her breath long enough for professional divers to come down and save her. Deepika did infact do the stunt and did it with acting grace, people nearby said that Ms. Padukone made the stunt look like it was done by accident  which essentially fulfilled what the role required of her.

Furthermore, for the filming of <em>Tanu Weds Manu</em> Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut, swallowed her fear insisted that she perform her stunt to add to the professionalism of the film. Despite her courage, Kanaga’s stunt did not go as planned and she ended off falling of her motorcycle as it skidded across a road in Jalandar, Punjab. She ended up injuring her ankle and had to head back to Mumbai for treatment, this caused for delays in the filming schedule.

Do you think the dangerous stunts should be left for trained professionals or Bollywood stars should simply be trained to do the job?

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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