Bollywood has beauty … and brains!


Bollywood is known for bringing some of India’s most beautiful people to the forefront and has never been denied of this ability. However the Indian film industry is also doing a great job of producing very talented entrepreneurs. Preity Zinta is the newest of the Bollywood turned business professional and had been doing a great job in creating a name for herself.

Zinta has been a stake owner of the Kings XI Punjab cricket team since 2008 and has been quite active in the club planning. Preity has now taken her passion for business to a new level by enrolling into the Harvard executive education course to increase her chances of success in the business world.

During a phone interview with CNN Business, Zinta revealed that she in fact had no real aspiration to become an actress The opportunity of becoming one just sprung up on her and she took it; she actually had a real passion for business and always saw herself as running an operation of her own.

After having quite a successful career in Bollywood, Zinta has focused much of her attention towards establishing herself as a business person around the world. Although, Zinta will begin filming after the IPL (Indian Premiere League) tournament is over as she does miss acting. Preity Zinta is one of many established Bollywood stars who has started to get her feet wet in the business world, we wish her all the success and hope that all goes well with her plans.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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