Kat Kaif definitely is proving to have 9 lives!


Katrina Kaif has been struck with a lot of bad luck when it comes to her health. Last year, Katrina had been in and out of the hospital with various health concerns and this year it is not looking any better. Katrina fainted in the sets of <em>Tees Maar Khan</em> after a very intense shooting schedule. The latest of her health scares was when Akshay Kumar, Katrina’s co-star, hit her forehead with his jaw during a dance sequence. The hit left Kaif pretty shaken up as she remained dizzy for a few minutes after the whole episode.

Director Farah Khan rushed to help Katrina out and also arranged for immediate medical support to have Katrina checked out. Costar Akshay was not too kind to Ms. Kaif as he began to over react to the situation and also began to scare Katrina into thinking she would need four stitches for the cut she received from Kumar’s jaws. Katrina was on the brink of tears when Akshay scared her and was scorned by the directors for being so juvenile on the set.

The actress has recovered from the injury and has continued with filming the rest of the movie.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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