Akshay Kumar = Diligent Tax Payer


Akshay pays taxes and is proud of it! That is right, the Bollywood Khiladi pays the most taxes in B-town and is now using his star power to encourage others to do the same. Akshay Kumar paid over 30 crore rupees last year in taxes on his income accumulated from various endorsements, movie releases and other deals.

Mr. Kumar has actually been paying his taxes in advance for the last 4 years, something that is seldom done by the majority. Now Akshay is going to act as an endorser for the CBEC (Central Board for Excise and Customs); a recent commercial of his urging Indian citizens to pay taxes has been released as of March 21st.

Let’s see if Akshay’s star power can help the government gather taxes!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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