Don’t tweet about Karan’s sexual orientation!


Twitter is one of those social networking sites that just seems to be getting bigger and bigger without any clear reason. There are no boundaries, you are free to follow whomever you wish and comment on all their thoughts and feelings. Many eyebrows have been raised regarding the actual benefits one receives from being a part of the Twitter, however many have openly expressed their concerns of the disadvantages associated.

An incident that has been recurring for famous director Karan Johar is proof that twitter may not be a good thing. The director was recently quoted saying the following on his twitter feed.

“While most tweets are objective, frank and warm… the ones that are constantly making tactless statements about my personal life are upsetting.”

“Critical appraisal and analysis is more than welcome…but insinuations and comments about my life, choices and orientation are NOT….”

Many analysts are encouraging businesses/people to use forums like Twitter to strengthen their brand identity among younger consumers, however these individuals are also bearing the nasty side to “freedom of speech” as well.

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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