SRK rings bell @ NASDAQ Feb 1st!


SRK @ Nasdaq

Bollywood is known for going to great lengths to promote their upcoming releases, however at times it is as though the promotions directors for particular film releases let anything go!

The latest of the craziest marketing ploys includes the promotion of My Name is Khan set to release Feb 12th 2010. Shahrukh Khan, along with his co-star Kajol, had the opportunity to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ and seemed very excited to do so. Now the only thing that seems to escape us is … where is the connection?

Thanks to viral videos and social media the footage will make its way around Bollywood news sites, however for those fans who have no interest in the stock exchange the promotion is lost. But for those of you who care to view this…Mumbai Raj has it for you!

The ringing of the bell took place at 9:00 am this morning (Monday) and from our point of view they did a mighty fine job doing it!

Here is the video … warning you it is long!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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