Hritikh Roshan: Wifey feeling a little over protective!


Suzanne Khan is keeping a close eye on her dear hubby after there was much speculation that Hrithik Roshan may have had intimate relations with Barbara Mori (she’s pretty hot – check out pic). Although Roshan expressed his heart felt apologies to wife Suzanne she cannot seem to let him off the hook. What makes it worse is rumors have been spreading around regarding Roshan’s possible affair with Kites co-star Monikangana Dutta (she’s hot too – see pic).

Hrithik Roshan is apparently feeling quite suffocated by his wife and is turning to alcohol and cigars to numb the pain felt from this stressful situation. We suggest that he perhaps stick to one woman, it may be easier on the body!

Barbara Mori:

Monikangana Dutta:

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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