IPL on Youtube: Watch out Networks!



It has been announced that YouTube will be streaming live IPL matches. The (BCCI) Board of Control for Cricket has signed a two-year deal with the Google company and this may change the way advertisers market cricket. Marketers and large agencies are now considering to split their budgets so that they market both on YouTube and on the official television broadcaster Sony Entertainment.

Analysts say that the move is not something that television broadcasters need to worry about in the near future as it will take fans a little time to catch on. However, major advertisers have already expressed that they will be splitting their IPL budgets between the television and the net. As many advertisers are aware online advertising is one of the most cost effective and useful mediums to reach the largest demographics. Sony Entertainment, currently the official television broadcaster of the IPL, is expressing some concern about the move as it has already become apparent that they will loose some funds do to this deal.

Will you now watch IPL matches on YouTube do to this change?

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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