Bhangra Nut: Learn beats on your iPhone!



The very first Bhangra app was created for all you dhol fans out there. This application is perfect for all the “dhol’ fanatics who own an iPhone or an iTouch. The application is available through itunes, simply search “Dhol Nut” and you shall find it.

Some of its cool features include:
1. Physically tap the device to play.
2. Tap faster to play faster.
3. Play along to a Bhangra Track

The sound on this app is pretty rich and you can fit it in your back pocket. This is an excellent tool for “dholis” to practice on or for those of you who got a kick out of banging on pots and pans.

The response time to your touch is really good and gives you the feeling on having the instrument there. The Sound Pipe creation is free to download so make sure you check it out!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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