Branding: Does it really take over lives in Bollywood?


So you are one of Bollywood’s most celebrated actors and are graciously invited to speak at a press conference. When you approach the table which is set up for the press conference you realize that the water bottles placed ever so neatly are the major competitors of the brand you endorse … What do you do?

Many would simply ignore them and continue with the conference, or perhaps crack a joke or two in regards to the situation. However would you go as far as having them removed?

Aamir Khan, the star of 3 Idiots, was recently put in a situation in in which there were water bottles from a company that was a major competitor of one he endorsed. Aamir insisted that the labels be removed before he spoke. One would initially think that he is being far too finicky, however if there were millions of dollars coming out of such an endorsement would you do the same? would you even notice?


Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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