They ain’t so stupid: 3 Idiots Shatters records!


Aamir Khan’s films are known to do well, last year’s Christmas release Ghajini was a box-office hit and shattered records. Well it is anticipated that this year’s release 3 Idiots is set out to break any records from last year.

Critics cannot keep their hats on and fans are buzzing about the latest release. Rajkumar Hirani did an excellent job directing the film and the star-studded cast takes every scene to the next level. The film takes viewers through all the adventures three friends experience through their younger college years.

The soundtrack is catchy and of course of Aamir Khan’s performance is breath taking. This is one of those film that is a Bollywood must see and if you have already filled your quota for B-block films might we suggest that you should make room for one more!


Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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