Patiala House: Akshay Kumar Jr … Could be you!


As many of you Akshay Kumar fans are well aware the filming of Patiala House is underway and this much anticipated film is yet to find a junior Akshay … a teenaged one at that! The movie will have flash back scenes of father/son interactions between a youthful Akshay and a young fatherly Rishi Kapoor.

Interestingly enough the producers were thinking about casting Ranbir Kapoor as the younger version of his dad Rishi Kapoor. But both father and son declined as they are only interested in appearing in a film together for one of their own productions.

The producers are confident finding an actor fit to play the role of a young Rishi Kapoor will not be too difficult…however they are concerned about finding a fit for Akshay Kumar. The hyper vibrant personality of Akshay will make it difficult for any new aspiring actor to mimic. One of the options that the producer and director may take up is holding an India wide hunt, however they worry that may be too time consuming. They are actually considering casting a younger cousin to Akshay for the role since the uncanny resemblance is there and they are hopeful that the hyper star quality Akshay has will appear in time as well!

What are your thoughts … who do you think could fit the role of a “younger” Akshay?


Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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