The Disappearing Act: More expensive than making Idiots!


The much anticipated Christmas Day release of 3 Idiots is causing quite a buzz among awaiting fans. The talented cast is one of the reasons why people cannot keeps themselves contained since the movie stars the one and only Aamir Khan, however that is not the only reason everyone has their eyes pealed!

For promotional purposes Aamir Khan is disguising himself and setting out across India. Seems quite affordable right? Well not if the producers are flying Aamir Khan via helicopters and jet airplanes! Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra also mentioned that Aamir gifted the friends he made along the way with real gold rings … however more were given than what was originally decided on. Apparently the promotional activity is resulting to be more expensive than the film itself. Then again …could one imagine, the Khan, taking a train on the oh so reliable Indian railway system?

Do you think the promotional activity spearheaded by 3 Idiots will be deemed affective?

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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