Another “Swayamvar” … please spare us!


Raakhi Sawant would like to find another groom! That is right she is interested in another “Swayamvar” series so that she can find true love this time. Raakhi felt that she was lied to by Elesh, her previous fiance. Ms. Sawant claims that Elesh was a bankrupt individual who only enjoyed clubbing and his main objective for being on the show was gain fame and make money as a result.

She interested in only those applicants who have a job, a house, and are well off …. hmmm can you smell a gold digger. Hopefully she doesn’t think she has us fooled into believing she is a successful Bollywood superstar. Her hopes are to one day send her hubby to work with a “tiffin box”, thus Bollywood stars need not apply…sorry Shahid Kapoor I guess your chances with Raakhi are slim!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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