Golden Globes – Also going Bollywood?


This is definitely the era for “Bollywood” as the world is beginning to create a place for the term in mainstream media, dance, fashion and pop culture. The general audience is beginning to enjoy the “3 hour” Bollywood films and major cinema houses are the flicks alongside Hollywood blockbusters…. So why not include a category at the next Golden Globes?

Well the Golden Globes have been asked to include a “Best Bollywood Film” category. Many Indo-Americans have urged the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to have the above category in the 2011 broadcast. It would be a very smart move to consider the addition as it would create a lot of Buzz all over Bollywood and would draw a lot of viewers.

What are your thoughts…do you think it would be a good move for the Golden Globes? golden_globe_2008

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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