3 Idiots: Is the movie promotion idiotic or intelligent?


There is a lot of enthusiasm circling around the release of the movie 3 Idiots as it is yet another Aamir Khan release. However, when does promotion surrounding the movie get taken too far?

Well… while the entire cast of 3 Idiots was present at the ITC Hotel located in Mumbai to promote their film, main character Aamir Khan was no where to be found. Both the director and producer, cast and crew acted as if they had no news of the missing actor … HOLDUP … this was done in order to PROMOTE the film? The marketing team for the release of 3 Idiots has devised a plan in which fans are supposed to locate Aamir Khan who will hide in each city until he is found by people.

Bollywood often complains of stalkers lurking about …. perhaps they should not set up promotions that encourage stalking!

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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