Kurbaan Looses Title! Pooja Bhatt – Smooches Daddy Dearest!


There has been much buzz about the Kurbaan poster and how controversial it is … however if we take a walk down memory lane, there is one Bollywood actress that jumps to mind!

Controversial Bollywood diva Pooja Bhatt may have taken things a little farther than one would expect from her. The fans of Bollywood were perhaps slightly thrown off when Bhatt decided to get her body painted for an Indian magazine, otherwise completely nude. However fans managed to bounce back from this ordeal … but do they have it in them to accept Pooja for her over-the-top smooching scene with her father?

Pooja Bhatt has been captured kissing her father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, (mouth to mouth) for a magazine cover. At first, one would think what is the big deal sharing a little kiss with your loved one, however after taking a look at the picture below we will let you tell us if it is something to “haaawwww” about!

kurbaan vs. Pooja Bhatt

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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