R K – Two letters (initials) Deepika wishes she didn’t get INKED!


Getting a lovers name tattooed on one’s body is often thought as the ultimate sign of devotion … however it seems as though in many cases the tattoo outlasts the relationship. Well Miss Padukone happens to also have the initials R.K. (Ranbir Kapoor) on the nape of her neck to show the love she feels towards boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor…ohhh whoops we mean EX-boyfriend!

Mommy may have told poor Deepika to not draw on the walls but may have missed the boat on telling her dear daughter to avoid drawing on her body as well. Ms. Padukone was recently bombarded with press asking her about the tattoo, the Bollywood star ignored the questions and simply stated that she is a happy woman … We are sure she can laser off the R.K. or perhaps turn it into a F.A for Farhan Akhtar, her new Bollywood beau!

Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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