Deepika falling for Farhan…Ranbir who?


The Bollywood beauty has struck love again, leaving the memories and thoughts of Ranbir Kapoor behind. This girl has moved on to none other than the talented director/actor Farhan Akhtar. Rumour has it that Deepika dumped Ranbir because she had her eyes set on the talented heartthrob, Farhan Akhtar.

Both Deepika and Farhan are believed to have met on the set of Karthik Calling Karthik. Perhaps the love connection was too strong for poor Kapoor to handle. Upon the big Ranbir and Deepika breakup sources say that Deepika went back to work and went on with her career. There is some speculation now that perhaps she was indeed hard at work, however it could be get the attention of the Mr. Akhtar.

Do keep in mind Farhan and Ranbir are great friends … let us see if their friendship lasts after this.

You tell us, do you think Farhan and Deepika would make a good couple?

Author: MumbaiRaj crew

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