Dubai bringing doom to Bollywood perhaps?


Dubai toh Doob Gaya… and it is taking Bollywood down with it! It is no secret that 40-45% of oversea sales for Bollywood comes from Dubai.

Many of Bollywood’s producers are quite alarmed by the financial crash in Dubai as they are responsible for providing stability to many powerhouse media companies.

Some of the implications that Bollywood has felt from the dreadful news is the hold on the launch of Paa. The media giant, Reliance Big Pictures, has not owned up the reasoning for the hold on the film attributing it to logistical constraints however many insiders believe the breaking news out of Dubai is to blame.

The reason that other film producers for releases such as Rocket Singh, 3 Idiots and Radio are worried about the financial atrocities that have occurred in Dubai is because there is an estimated 50 crore rupees expected to be earned from the films and 25% of sales are to come from this market.

Indians can be accounted for 40 percent of the expat population in Dubai and due to this financial crisis, movie goers will be more cautious on their entertainment expenditures.


Author: MumbaiRaj_Crew

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